New 360° Virtual Tour of Our Bath Radiator Showroom Live on our Website

Today we are pleased to announce a new page on our web site, that displays a Google powered 360° view of our Bath Showroom. Now you can see the many radiators we have on display from your web browser! Of course we sell a lot more than what's displayed on our walls, and this is just a sample of what we can supply, so we'd love you to drop in and discuss your radiator project, or phone with your requirements. 

radiator show room in 3d interactive view

Bioethanol Fireplace Range, Now Available From House of Radiators

Designer Range of Biofuel Fires Now Available

House of Radiators are pleased to announce the addition of the new Bioethanol Fireplace product range to our collection. 

The full Bioethanol Fire collection can be viewed here.

Bioethanol is an odourless, non-toxic, renewable fuel made from by-products of mainly sugar cane and corn plants. As the fuel is composed of biological products, this results in a clean, carbon neutral fuel safe to use within flueless fireplaces.

The wastes (by-products) from these plants are used in a fermentation process that results in what is essentially a form of alcohol. The alcohol then has some additives included; the resulting liquid is then bottled for use as an environmentally friendly fuel for Bioethanol fires. When burned, the result is water, steam and low, safe levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). Bioethanol fuel is considered an environmentally friendly fuel as the amount of the CO2 emitted on burning is offset by the CO2 collected by the plants when grown.

Our Bioethanol fireplaces are manufactured Italy to the highest standards. They have a unique style that is unlike anything else currently on the UK market.  Many of the styles in the range also have bespoke finish options allowing you to customise the product to fit in within your home interior.

Our bioethanol fireplaces can be used in any room of the house with adequate ventilation and providing that it is 53m³ or larger. The floor standing models can also be used outdoors with many of the floor standing models having small wheels underneath making it easy for you to move from room to room or to your outside areas.

Out bioethanol fireplaces are easy to install, wall mounted versions simply bracket to the wall and require no gas connections, flues, plugs or cables. 

Key Features

1.No need to install a flue or chimney as with the majority of log burning stoves or gas fires meaning considerable savings on installation costs.  Plus this means far less disruption within your home.

2.Bioethanol is an eco-friendly renewable fuel that is clean burning and leaves no residue or lingering aromas. The fuel produces a beautiful, natural, dancing flame, mesmerising you as you sit and relax in front of it.

3.Simple to install. Wall mounted models simply bracket to the wall, floor standing models require no installation what so ever. Fixing, installation and safety instructions are provided.

4.No gas or electricity connection required. The fire places burn off of the bioethanol fuel. It is easy to use and easy to purch

5.High quality design. The burners are made out of stainless steel with the frame works made from steel, safety glass or natural oak.ase.


If you would like to know more about our Bioethanol Fireplace Range, please contact us.

New Customer Testimonials Page

Today we've added a new page to our website, having built up quite a few customer testimonials since we opened. We just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has provided a testimonial. Being able to show off our reputation really helps us to grow our business. 

You can see our new testimonials page here.

New Sale Stock Available from House of Radiators 50% off of RRP

We currently have a large selection of sale stock available at 50% off of the recommended retail price for a large range of designer radiators.

The sale stock comprises two of our best selling radiator ranges, the Adagio, and the Slieve.

This sale stock is not available to buy directly from our website so please call for pricing and available models / finishes.

Here are some images of the Adagio and Slieve, as examples of models available.

 Vertical Adagio - Gun Metal


Horizontal Slieve - White


Vertical Slieve - White

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